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The Staycation Bundle

In stock
In stock

Get Aquabeads ready for this year's staycation!

The Staycation Bundle includes 4 Aquabeads playsets at a bargain price of £39.00 (25% off RRP).

Get yours now!

Special Price £39.00 Regular Price £51.96

The bundle includes the following 4 sets.

Star Bead Studio includes over 1000 star and solid beads in 24 colours, star shaped bead case, bead pen with bead picker, flip tray set, sprayer, template sheets, and instructions. Star Beads look like little stars and can be used to show texture. Make creations featuring a fluffy fur texture, and creations that sparkle and glimmer.

Beginners Studio comes complete with 840 beads in 16 colours, more than enough to create whatever your imagination thinks of. The set comes with a handy place to store all of your beads, pallette with the new flip tray to take off your bead design from the tray instantly after spraying water, and template sheets as well as a bead pen and sprayer. Suitable for those who have just begun their Aqua beading adventure. It even comes with two double-sided template sheets to inspire you.

Ocean Life Theme Refill set includes over 600 star, solid, and jewel beads in 16 colours, along with 2 template sheets and instructions. Use the included design peg to make your Aquabeads dolphin move! Template designs include animals of the sea including dolphin, shark, whale, turtle, seahorse and more.

Fairy World set includes over 820 star, solid, and jewel beads in 16 colours, accessory bases (tiara, barretta, bracelet, brooch, rings, charm accessories), creation display, design pegs, layout tray, sprayer, template sheets, and instructions. Make creations featuring fairy world theme, such as fairy, bunny, or a cosy mushroom house. Tiara, barretta, bracelet, brooch, rings, charms are all wearable! Use creation display and design pegs to make an accessory stand for your Aquabeads accessories!


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